Michelle Rappaport, M.D.


Michelle Rappaport, MD is board certified in obesity medicine and internal medicine. She trained at the University of Washington, completing a residency in internal medicine with a focus on primary care.

She then practiced primary care in Seattle, where she made strong connections with her patients, hearing their stories of their best efforts at lifestyle change being insufficient when it came to obesity and related diseases like diabetes. Through treating her patients, and learning more about obesity medicine formally, she saw how effective the comprehensive medical treatment of obesity can be. She became board certified in obesity medicine and took referrals from her colleagues in primary care, devoting a significant amount of her clinical practice to treating the disease. Her patients’ success with obesity treatment became her clinical passion.

She changed career trajectories in February 2022 to devote her entire practice to obesity medicine. She works to ensure patients know she is an ally to help them navigate a chronic, complex, and unfairly stigmatized disease. She is determined to find her patients effective, sustainable treatment plans. Her patients’ health improving when they have evidence-based treatment is Dr Rappaport’s ultimate inspiration.

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